Digi_Writer is an open access seminar and workshop programme focused on helping writers to build their industry and business knowledge and to gain practical skills.

Each of the sessions will feature industry speakers and experts and will explore e-books, digital rights and contracts, audio, podcasts and social media management. These events are suitable for professional writers who are looking to expand their business skills as well as for emerging writers/producers/publishers who want to gain professional skills and understanding. These events are open to all writers in the North wherever they live and work.


Workshop: Podcast Camp

Tuesday 3rd April, 2-5pm and Wednesday 4th April, 10am-3pm
Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A practical two-day workshop run by Mel Harris MD of Sparklab Productions. On the programme you will find out about the podcast movement in the UK and in the US, discuss favourite podcasts, explore the business of podcasting, look at different approaches to story-telling and interview techniques, do some recording and find out about free editing software, pitch and develop your podcast series ideas and gain understanding of how to launch and market a new podcast series. The workshop will focus on introducing prospective writers and producers at all levels of experience to the successful development of a project. Bring your smart phones, laptops (if you have them) and plenty of good story ideas.


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Seminar: Crowd-funding books

Wednesday 18 April 2018, 11am-2pm
Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

This seminar will explore the opportunities and platforms that exist to crowd-fund books, the changing perception of this mode of production, the role that writers play in crowd-funding their own work and strategies for the successful promotion of a crowd-funded project. Speakers: Editor and publisher Scott Pack will introduce The Mathematics of Publishing, Xander Cansell, Head of Digital at Unbound will talk about crowd-funding for projects at all scales. The event will be moderated by Rachael Kerr, Editor at Large, Unbound.


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Seminar: Blogging and Vlogging to develop your profile

Tuesday 24 April, 1.30-4.30pm
Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

An introduction to the basics of how to blog and vlog and advice and guidance about how to create high quality content, engage with suitable networks, build up your readers and viewers and opportunities to work with sponsors and supporters. With presentations and discussion from writer and vlogger Jen Campbell and Sara Lloyd, Digital and Communications Director at Pan Macmillan. Learn from how individual writers and bigger publishers traverse the digital landscape and build readerships.


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Workshop: Developing your online profile

Thursday 26 April, 2-6pm
Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne

This workshop will explore strategies for building your profile online, developing your usage of social networking platforms and look at how campaigns, networking and feed management can contribute to a successful career as a writer. Lead by Sarah Raad Director of Tent with guest speaker crime writer Mari Hannah (whose new novel The Lost is published this spring). The workshop will presume a basic knowledge of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.

Run by Sarah Raad, Director at Tent.

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