From March to June each year, the annual Read Regional campaign celebrates selected new books from the North of England. At libraries and literary festivals across the North, authors take part in events where you can hear about their writing and talk to them about their work. Find out more about Read Regional here.

Read about Sarah’s event here.
Friday 20 April, 11am
Kirkby Library, The Kirkby Centre,
Norwich Way, Kirkby, Knowsley, L32 8XY

Read about A.A. Dhand’s event here.
Monday 23 April, 11am
Halewood Library, The Halewood Centre,
Roseheath Drive, Halewood,
Knowsley, L26 9UH

Read about Kate’s event here.
Tuesday 24 April, 1.30pm
Huyton Library, Civic Way, Huyton,
Knowsley, L36 9GD
School event (not open to the public)

Contact Carol Cherpeau, Senior Librarian, at for more details.