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Gulwali Passarlay

Wednesday 29 March, 5.30pm

Meet the author of The Lightless Sky, an epic memoir traces Gulwali’s journey from Afghanistan, though Europe, and eventually arriving in the UK. A boy when he left home, Gulwali was exposed to experiences that no child should face during his perilous and dangerous quest to find safety.

Shelley Day

Wednesday 26 April, 2pm

Meet the author of The Confession of Stella Moon, an unconventional crime novel that takes us back to the late 1970s. Released from prison, a killer returns to her former home and finds she must confront the ghosts of the past if she’s to restart her life.

Ruby Robinson poetry reading and Exploring Poetry with Linda France

Wednesday 10 May, 5pm (Exploring Poetry), followed by reading at 6pm

Meet the poet Ruby Robinson and hear her read from her debut collection, Every Little Sound. Ruby’s acclaimed poems explore the way people interact, and the many ways in which we have the potential to harm and help each other.

A. A. Dhand

Friday 2 June, 2pm

Meet the author of Streets of Darkness, an enthralling and fast-paced Bradford-set crime novel. Taking place over a tense twelve-hour period, the story follows DI Harry Virdee who, suspended from duty, finds he must go deep underground to solve the murder of prominent city politician.