Group Leader: Lisa Burns

Come along to The Word to our ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ Summer School, where we’ll be programming a jam-packed line-up of creative writing sessions to spark your imagination.

Wednesday 7 August

11am-1pm – Poetry with John Challis

In this poetry workshop we’ll read some exciting and recently published poems to fuel and inspire you to write. In a relaxed, informal way, we’ll discuss how poems begin and end, andstart writing new poems about the subjects that matter most to you.

2pm-4pm – Other Worlds with Matt Wesolowski

A writing workshop of short activities that explores writing from alternative perspectives and other worlds. We’ll explore the world of nature and animals beneath our feet, and into the realms of fantasy. Come along to learn how to write authentically about the fantastical.

Thursday 8 August

11am-1pm – Monsters with Carmen Marcus

When we read or watch horror it isn’t the heroes we remember, it’s the monsters. Not least because they are scary: but because they get the better story. Learn what it is that makes werewolves, aliens, zombies and vampires so captivating and how to write your own monsters.

2pm-4pm – Getting Started in Script-writing with Sian Armstrong

Join us for an introductory session in script-writing. We’ll be getting ideas flowing with writing games and prompts, focusing on character and dialogue.

Friday 9 August

11am-1pm – Environmental writing with Zoe Murtagh

Join Zoe to explore writing inspired by the natural environment. Looking at poetry, sci-fi and manifesto we’ll use this session to write in response to the environment, exploring the relationships between us, animals and the natural world.

2pm-4pm – Lisa Burns

In this final session you’ll have the time to perfect and polish any writing projects you’ve started with us at the Summer School. Bring along anything you’re working on for a dedicated writing and feedback session.


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