Read Regional

Each spring, the annual Read Regional campaign celebrates selected new books from the North of England. At libraries and literary festivals across the North, authors take part in events where you can hear about their writing and talk to them about their work.

At a glance

Books from the North

The Read Regional campaign aims to connect local authors from the north of England to local readers via promotions in libraries, bookshops and with festivals and venues. Each year we choose a selection of the best books to promote via an open submission process.


The project began in 2008 when it was supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. In 2012 the project became part of New Writing North’s core programme of work supported by Arts Council England and expanded into Yorkshire and Humberside, and subsequently the North West.


Read Regional is produced by New Writing North in partnership with 23 local authorities in the North East, North West and Yorkshire. Each authority stocks Read Regional titles in its libraries and hosts a range of author events at central and branch libraries.

Read Regional through the years


Baldwin’s Catholic Geese, Keith Hutson

The Blame Game, C. J. Cooke

The Celox and the Clot, Hafsah Aneela Bashir

Icebreaker, Horatio Clare

The Last Thing She Told Me, Linda Green

The Moss House, Clara Barley

Remembered, Yvonne Battle-Felton

A Shadow Intelligence, Oliver Harris

Supper Club, Lara Williams

A Witch Come True, James Nicol


Devil’s Day by Andrew Michael Hurley

Flood by Clare Shaw

His Dark Sun by Jude Brown

Kintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

Nutcase by Tony Williams

Slip of a Fish by Amy Arnold

The Black Cab by John Challis

The Blackbird Diaries by Karen Lloyd

The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven

The Impossible: On the Run by Mark Illis

What Falls Between the Cracks by Robert Scragg

You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac


Girl Zero by AA Dhand

Take This One to Bed by Antony Dunn

How Saints Die by Carmen Marcus

Fish Boy by Chloe Daykin

The Zealot’s Bones by D M Mark

An Honest Deceit by Guy Mankowski

News From Nowhere by Jane Austin

Fell by Jenn Ashworth

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World by Kate Pankhurst

Basic Nest Architecture by Polly Atkin

A Sweet, Wild Note by Richard Smyth

The Companion by Sarah Dunnakey


Streets of Darkness by AA Dhand

You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] by Andrew Hankinson

Walking the Lights by Deborah Andrews

The Lightless Sky by Gulwali Passarlay

Greetings from Grandpa by Jack Mapanje

The Death’s Head Chess Club by John Donoghue

Hard Wired by Kath McKay

Katy Parker and the House that Cried by Margaret Mulligan

The Lost Art of Sinking by Naomi Booth

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick

Every Little Sound by Ruby Robinson

The Confession of Stella Moon by Shelley Day


Bones in the Nest by Helen Cadbury

Song for My Father by Ian Clayton

The Redemption of Galen Pike by Carys Davies

The Weather in Kansas by Crista Ermiya

Homecoming by Andrew Forster

In Real Life by Chris Killen

Me and Mr J by Rachel McIntyre

The Art of Falling by Kim Moore

The Mysterious Miss Mayhew by Hazel Osmond

The Torn Up Marriage by Caroline Roberts


Letters to my Husband by Stephanie Butland

Hate by Alan Gibbons

The Last King of Lydia by Tim Leach

The Quick by Lauren Owen

Portrait of the Quince as an Older Woman by Ellen Phethean

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette by Mary and Brian Talbot

Herring Girl by Debbie Taylor

Missel-Child by Helen Tookey

Into the Trees by Robert Williams

Ghost Pot by John Wedgwood Clarke


This is Yarrow by Tara Bergin

Destroyed Dresses by Cara Brennan

The Hit by Melvin Burgess

Sorrowline by Niel Bushnell

Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce

The Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot-Wright

The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

Stolen by Rebecca Muddiman

How I Learnt to Sing by Mark Robinson

The Night Flower by Sarah Stovell

Magnificent Joe by James Wheatley


Armour by Christy Ducker

The Sun Hasn’t Falled From The Sky by Alison Gangel

The Murder Wall by Mari Hannah

Scream if You Want to Go Faster by Russ Litten

Arguing with Malarchy by Carola Luther

Life! Death! Prizes! by Stephen May

New World Fairy Tales by Cassandra Parkin

My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

From Here to Timbuktu by Pauline Plummer

The Unmothering Class by Anne Ryland

The Heart of It by Seni Seneviratne

A Stone’s Throw by Fiona Shaw

King Crow by Michael Stewart


The Guardian Angel’s Journal by Carolyn Jess-Cooke

Dark Horizons by Dan Smith

Broken Silence by Danielle Ramsay

Chameleon by Beda Higgins

Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves

Birdhouse by Anna Woodford

Family Album by Sheree Mack

Raiment by Marilyn Longstaff


Inroads by Carolyn Jess-Cooke

Background Music by Cynthia Fuller

The Shadow of a Smile by Kachi Ozumba

The Duke’s Agent by Rebecca Jenkins

The Myth of Justice by Graham Pears

The Seer Sung Husband by Bob Beagrie

Angel of Brooklyn by Janette Jenkins

You Are Her by Linda France


9987 by Nik Jones

The Rotting Spot by Valerie Laws

Welcome to Life by Alice de Smith

Ten Storey Love Song by Richard Milward