Little Read Storytime: Moth: An Evolution Story with Isabel Thomas

Event information

Where: Clayport Library, 8 Millenium Place, Durham DH1 1WA

Date: Saturday 14 October

Time: 12-12:30pm

Cost: Free

Type: Durham Book Festival , Durham Book Festival 2023 Saturday

Join author Isabel Thomas as she reads from this year’s Little Read, Moth. Against a lush backdrop of lichen-covered trees, the peppered moth lies hidden. Until the world begins to change…

This beautiful and poetic picture book (illustrated by Daniel Egnéus) is about the extraordinary way in which animals have evolved and is a perfect introduction to natural selection and evolution for children. Ideal for families and children under 8.

We’ll be distributing 500 copies of Moth across County Durham libraries – pick up a free copy from your local branch. Find out more about the Little Read.