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Bronwen Riley

Telling the unsettling tale of Barates and Regina in a work of creative non-fiction, Bronwen explores the relationship between a Syrian migrant and a southern British slave living on Hadrian’s Wall under the Roman occupation. It is a story, too, about journeys and the impact of imposing arbitrary borders. Of how the North East has been caught forever after in the crossfire between north and south, and how our regional story is built on a long history of people of different races, religions, languages and backgrounds.

Bronwen Riley 

Bronwen is a writer and editor with a special interest in the Classical world and Romania. Her books include Journey to Britannia and Transylvania. She devises literary and historical journeys in Britain, the Balkans and beyond and is director of the Transylvanian Book Festival.

Read Regina and Barates – A Tale of the North-West Frontier by Bronwen Riley.

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