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David Almond

“The North is a wild place. For centuries it lay at the furthest edge of civilisation. Now, all of us need to be rewilded if our damaged earth is to survive. My piece, poetic and experimental, written in northern rhythms, will try to conjure and to share the distinctive nature of the North, its beauty and ugliness, to embody its place in the wider culture and history of the world, to show that the North is very ancient and is forever new”.

David Almond bio
David is the author of Skellig, The Dam, Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist and many other novels, stories, picture books, songs, opera librettos, radio programmes and plays. His work, all set in the North East, is translated into over 40 languages. His major awards include The Carnegie Medal and the Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Read Sing the North by David Almond.

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