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J. A. Mensah

The Real Bernicians, or How to Create a Country is a short story set in a world that is similar to our own. On 31st January 2020, the UK leaves the EU and Scotland leaves the UK. On this day, a forgotten area of land between England and Scotland, which was once fiercely contested, suddenly belongs to no one. Four disillusioned friends move to the area and decide to create their own country: a small and inclusive nation of diverse millennials. But how do you create a country? What traditions from their cultures should they incorporate? How do you write a constitution or establish a government? Should they practice democracy? Should they let old people in? How will they gain international recognition? And what if the neighbours hate them?

J. A. Mensah bio
Juliana has written for theatre with a focus on human rights narratives and the testimonies of survivors. Her first novel won the inaugural NorthBound Book Award at the Northern Writers’ Awards and will be published by Saraband. She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Read The Real Bernicians or How to Create a Country by J. A. Mensah.

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