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Georgie Woodhead

Young Northern Writer Award, Highly Commended

Georgie Woodhead (15) is our next Highly Commended award winner. Georgie travelled from Sheffield and is a dedicated member of Sheffield Young Writers run by Hive South Yorkshire. Georgie’s poetry wowed the judges and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for this talented young writer.

Georgie says ‘I haven’t really ever been highly commended for an award as serious as this before, and it’s humbling to know that people other than myself who are experts in the field actually like my work. It’s given me confidence in the fact that people might read and enjoy the things that I write and has allowed me to value my work through the eyes of another. I hope that this award will also open many different opportunities up to me, but being only young, I’m not sure exactly where those opportunities will lead.

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