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Florrie Darling, Julia’s youngest daughter, will be joining the judging panel for the third time this year. Florrie had many inspirational journeys with Julia, from riding horses across Welsh mountains to three months in Bali and Australia while Julia was writing her novel Crocodile Soup. Growing up with a writer as a mother, she also understands the need for creative space, whether that is in a cupboard under the stairs or in a remote cottage by the sea. Florrie now works at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art co-producing creative social action projects with teenagers and is completing a PhD on the social value of participatory art for young people at Newcastle University.

Florrie Darling said: “Now that I am writing up my PhD alongside work and caring for three young children I understand, more than I ever did before, how vital it is to have time and space to write. It is an absolute privilege to be able to be able to remember and celebrate my wonderful mum by supporting other writers to have that space and to find inspiration away from their everyday surroundings.”

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