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Eliza (23) has worked with the Young Writers’ Talent Fund  to support her writing and gain experience in arts facilitation. Eliza has had her work published by US podcast ‘Tales to Terrify’ and has a strong presence on social-media. Since January 2018 Eliza has been working with mentor Emily Wiseman: a professional writer and facilitator. Emily is supporting Eliza in the delivery and co-leadership of New Writing North’s Newcastle Young Writers group who have been using this term to explore dark fiction. Eliza’s work largely focuses on this genre and as such has been paired with Matt Wesolowski, a professional writer of crime and horror fiction. The Northern Rock to focus on compiling a collection of short stories.

“Before joining the programme I was really struggling to find time and opportunities to focus on my own writing, or gain experience in the arts sector. The programme has allowed me to gain invaluable experience as a facilitator, and the rare opportunity to meet up with a professional writer, and gain feedback on my work. The programme has also allowed me to drop a day at my day job, in order to spend more time on my writing. I want to work with the programme to hopefully put together a collection of shorts in the future, and continue to grow my facilitation skills, and see where the experience I have gained can take me.”

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