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Maxine is the co-founder of Maybe Later Press and applied to the Young Writers’ Talent Fund to support the costs of creating and printing her zine. New Writing North has also supported Maxine to record and produce a podcast to be released early 2018. Maxine also participated in Durham Book Festival 2018’s ‘What She Knew’ event, selling her zine and showcasing her work alongside Lauren Vevers, another member of the Northern Rock programme. Maxine’s creative work explores themes such as living with adult eczema and mental health, and is strongly rooted in the North-East. Maxine tells us:

‘The funding which I received from the Young Writers’ Talent Fund enabled me to print the second issue of Maybe Later Press’ zine, Tell It Slant, and showcase the work of writers both locally and nationally. By alleviating the costs of printing, I have been able to set aside the money made from selling the zine to print the next issue, meaning printing costs are now self-sustaining. New Writing North’s assistance was also valuable when recording Maybe Later’s first (forthcoming) podcast, both through enabling me to purchase equipment, and through providing a physical space in which to record. I am incredibly grateful to have been a recipient of this funding and excited about continuing to build upon Maybe Later Press into 2018.’

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