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Rhys has been working with New Writing North for a number of years as a participant on our Young Writers’ City programme and is particularly interested in game design. The Young Writers’ Talent Fund has supported Rhys to work with writers Rachael Walsh and Bob Beagrie on a digital narrative for game. Rhys is working in collaboration with other Young Writers’ City participants, Yasmin and Jacob, to storyboard ideas for this project. From Spring 2018, the group will be continuing to work with web designer Steven Walker to produce their digital content and develop their project.

See below for YWC short film ‘Blanks’, starring Rhys. Rhys was part of a group of young writers who were inspired by their passion for gaming to create this piece.

‘Blanks’ was created by students in Milburn at Excelsior Academy, who drove the creation of the concept with their pure passion for gaming.

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