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Helen Stephens on being a picture book maker

Written by Helen Stephens

As I am an author and illustrator of picture books, my tips are for folks like me who like to draw and write…

Other interesting stuff I’ve found that I’d like to share:

Neil Gaiman’s keynote speech to the University of the Arts
This is fantastic. Packed with inspiring advice for creatives wanting to make a career in the arts.
Illustrating Children’s Books by Martin Salisbury
Well worth a read. He also runs the MA in illustrating for children at Anglia Ruskin University.
Association of Illustrators
Have you thought about joining? They offer lectures, client directories, draft contracts, pricing, copyright and legal advice.

Helen Stephens is an author, illustrator, picture book maker of The How to Hide a Lion series and many more books for children.

Helen’s books can be read in over 25 languages and have been selected as ‘Book of the Year’ in The Guardian and The Times. Her work has featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times & Uppercase Magazine. How to Hide a Lion was adapted for stage by the Polka Theatre, and toured the UK.

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