EVENT REVIEW: Man on the Moon

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Durham Town Hall
Sunday 11 October

Review by Hannah Morpeth

Adapted by Zoe Cooper from the book by Simon Bartram, Man on the Moon was a fabulous all singing, all dancing production, with something for the whole family.

Bob has the best of jobs, he works as an a Man on the Moon, keeping it clean and tidy after it’s been messed up by all of the tourists it gets. Just like in the book we get to see what a day in the life of Bob is like, he gets up for breakfast like you and I, pops to the moon to do his very important job and always makes it home for cocoa, bath and bed. Who wouldn’t want that job?!

We are all welcomed to join the Bob fan club by aliens Nora, Terry and Rita, the most important rule being don’t tell Bob we’re aliens- this like many other parts of the show comes with a lovely song for the audience to join in with. We quickly come to realised that the naughty aliens aren’t very good at keeping their secret from Bob and get very upset with each other.

Man on the Moon is a very engaging show for under 7s, it gives lots of opportunities for children to join in with actions and songs and is also a great way to get them interested in a book. The show is funny for children and adults alike, it’s definitely worth a watch!

Man on the Moon is currently touring community locations across the North of England, you can find an event near you on the website

Hannah Morpeth is a Reviewer in Residence at Durham Book Festival.

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