Impact case study: Corinne Monroe

Corinne Monroe, member of New Writing North Young Writers

Corrine joined Young Writers at 11 and has been engaging with different NWN Young Writers’ groups for 5 years now. She has developed from writing short fantasy novels to enjoying scriptwriting, songwriting and more. Corinne has entered the Young Northern Writers’ Awards and aspires to publish novels and study English Language and Creative Writing. Corinne also wrote a speech on racism that the group supported her with, and she gave at school.

New Writing North gives me new ideas and different perspectives.

“When I first joined I was like ‘I want to be a fantasy writer, I want to do just fantasy and that’s it’. But then in the group I’ve done a bit of everything – songwriting, film, poetry and masterclasses – and that made me realise I don’t want to do just fantasy. Now I’m at the point where I know I want to be a writer, but I don’t necessarily have a niche aspect of it that I want to stick in.

You get whole bunch of really interesting people that it’s so good to meet, because they won’t be the people that you necessarily hang around with in your normal day. To work on your art with people that you’ve never met before is so exciting, because you get all these new ideas and different perspectives. Especially when you’re working on a group project, the times when you have writer’s block someone else will be inspired, so they can continue your idea for you and take it somewhere that you wouldn’t have necessarily taken it.

In lockdown especially I was so lonely because I didn’t have social media, so there wasn’t a lot of talking to my friends and stuff, so I’d really look forward to the Young Writers zoom sessions on Saturday. It was the highlight of my week, every week during lockdown.”

Corinne Monroe, 2022