Blogger in residence: And so Durham Book Festival starts (for me)

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by DBF Blogger in residence, Simon Savidge

I am now up in the delights of Durham. I seriously cannot put how nostalgic and happy seeing the cathedral getting closer and closer from the train makes me. It brings many memories flooding back from my early years when my mother was at Newcastle University and it was a treat to go to Durham some weekends. Anyway…

In case you missed it I am up here for the Durham Book Festival as their inaugural blogger in residence and tonight starts with the announcement of the Gordon Burn Prize winner 2015. The shortlist was marvellous so whatever wins you have that treat ahead of you and I will be talking about it in due course.

I will be live tweeting (via @SavidgeReads) from the event and then live blogging from first thing tomorrow. As I taught at my masterclass, with some of the brilliant young bloggers and reviewers who will be writing this weekend too and hopefully hanging out with me on occasion, a few weeks ago… Do not blog when you’ve consumed alcohol! Right I have an announcement and party to get to!

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