Creative sector roles for New Writing North leadership

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New Writing North leadership is set to further champion creativity in the North through new appointments in the creative sector.

Claire Malcolm, Founding Chief Executive of New Writing North, has joined the UK Council at Creative UK. Representing a full spectrum of creative sub-sectors across the UK, the UK Council helps to shape priorities at Creative UK by sharing ideas, knowledge, and concerns.

Claire is an experienced non-exec and charity trustee. She is currently a trustee at the Community Foundation for Tyne and Wear and a board member of the North East Cultural Partnership where she leads work on culture and the climate crisis.

Claire said, “The creative industries are thriving in the UK and making a major contribution to the economy. I’m delighted to join the national council of Creative UK to represent writing and the arts and culture sector in the North of England as they continue to advocate for our sector across government.”

Fiona Melvin, Director of Finance and Operations at New Writing North, has been appointed to Screen Yorkshire’s Board of Directors. Screen Yorkshire drives the region’s film and TV sector, building its global reputation as a centre for excellence in the screen industries.

Fiona said, “The North has a huge amount of talent that should be nurtured and supported. I’m a proud north easterner and am committed to identifying and retaining talent so our creative industries can thrive in the North of England.”

Creative UK, Screen Yorkshire and New Writing North all strive to ensure talented people can access creative, often life-changing, opportunities and flourish. Claire and Fiona will draw from a wealth of expertise, knowledge, experience, and care as they champion the needs of literature and culture in the North.

Anna Disley, Executive Director (Programme & Impact) at New Writing North, continues to be involved in multiple cultural organisations. In addition to Chair of Glow (Newcastle’s Cultural Education Partnership), Anna is also a trustee at Threads in the Ground, and on the board of Directors for The Living Archive.