Cuckoo Quarterly Prize

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We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the Cuckoo Quarterly Prize, an award of £50 which will be given to the best piece of writing in every issue. The prize recipient will be chosen by the Editorial Committee, the panel of young writers who select submissions, edit work and direct the magazine. To launch the award, the committee have chosen Dawn by Hazel Atkinson (published in Issue 6) to receive the first award. (You can read it here.)

All work submitted to Cuckoo Quarterly will be considered for the prize, providing the writer is aged 19 or under, resident in the UK and it is original work. So if you’re a young writer with work in your bottom drawer, or if you know a young writer who needs some “encouragement” to submit, now is the perfect time to send Cuckoo Quarterly your work.

For details of how to submit, have a look at the Cuckoo Quarterly website at