Threads in the Ground

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Threads in the Ground is a new climate hope organisation, created by New Writing North’s Creative Associate, Adam Cooper.

Through creativity and co-creation, the organisation will help more people and communities to imagine their climate future and to play and experiment with climate change ideas.

Threads in the Ground will run projects, create resources, and arrange meet-ups to help more people find hope and excitement in climate imaginings.

Threads in the Ground is founded on these beliefs:

Good Ancestors

Global warming and climate change will play out for thousands of years. What we do (or don’t do) right now will echo and echo, louder and louder for each generation that comes after us. This means we are powerful, and we are privileged. Let’s honour that, let’s be good ancestors.

Creativity is Key

Creative work (books, theatre, music, art…) help us make sense of the world. We feel good art on a deeper level than thought. We can sit alongside people we disagree with, both enjoy and come away changed by it. Creative work will help us explore our climate futures.

Hopeful Action

Fear isn’t a good motivator. People have lots of different drivers, different things they find rewarding. We can make climate action inspiring and accessible.

That is the best way to mushroom climate action.

Long-term Commitment

When we offer to work with a community, we commit to a long-term relationship lasting many years.

Proper impact takes time and care and collaboration.

Discover projects on the Threads in the Ground website

  • Mushroom Sculpt

    Threads in the Ground is working in partnership with Rockcliffe First School to create the world’s first fungal sculpture trail.

    We have been experimenting to grow building materials using fungus.

    Every child in the school will be involved in each step of creating a beautiful collection sculptures. They will explore part of their climate future by playing and creating with a next generation material.

    Imagine walking through the town with your mini tour-guide, as they explain to you what fungus is, how they grew it, how it will biodegrade, and why that is important.

  • Creative Climate Teachers

    Creative Climate Teachers is an informal group of primary educators who support each other with climate education and action in primary schools.

    The group meets once every 2 months in North Tyneside. The host school changes for each meeting.

    Threads in the Ground is creating a bank of resources and tools, open to any teacher to use.

  • Hereditary Footprint

    Hereditary Footprint is a creative exploration of our carbon heritage.

    What is our hereditary footprint, and how do we want to shape it now? What can we learn about what action can look like for us, by creatively exploring our carbon heritage?

    A partnership of cultural, heritage, and education organisations are coming together to make opportunities for more people to explore these ideas. To unearth powerful climate stories through art, theatre, writing, and science.

  • Warm Grain

    Imagine a series of street-feasts and communal meals, where people explore, plan, and eat their possible food futures.

    We want local communities to shape their food futures. Through creative, democratic exploration of our food culture, systems, and new technologies, we can make that happen.