Information for young people: how we keep your data safe

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It’s very important to keep your personal data safe and we wanted to let you know how we do this: this is called our privacy policy.

By ‘personal data’, we mean the things that could identify you, like your name, address, email address and your parents’ contact details. It can also mean photographs or films where you play the starring role.

We hold different information about different people we work with.

If you just want to sign up to our mailing list to find out about opportunities for young writers, we’ll only hold on to your name and the email address you give us (this might be yours or a parent’s).

If you come along to our groups, Summer Schools or a project that we run, we’ll collect some more details, including permission from a parent that you can take part in our work (if you are under 16) and have your photograph taken (if you are under 18). We need to be able to get in touch with a parent/guardian, in case something happens whilst you are at one of our activities: so we’ll keep a record of their contact details. If you have any access requirements or health issues that we need to know about, we will also keep a record of these.

If you apply to be part of our awards or talent fund programmes, we might also collect data about your characteristics (eg your gender, ethnicity and whether you have a disability). This information is used anonymously to report on our work, and we never keep this with your personal data.

All our young people’s data is held securely and is only accessible by New Writing North employees working directly with young people and New Writing North’s Data Manager and Data Controller.


Social media

If you engage with us or follow us on social media we will have access to any information that you have agreed to share publicly on that channel. So will other people, so think about what you are sharing!

The freelancers and writers we work with are not allowed to friend or follow you on social media, but they can contact you within a group that we have set up, if you are a member of that group. Our Young People’s staff members Lizzie Nixon, Holly Sinkinson and Sophie Hall-Luke are allowed to contact you directly using only their work (NWN) social media accounts.

In some of our sessions we post photos on social media. We won’t post photos of you without your verbal permission on the day and your parent’s written consent in advance (if you are under 18). If we post photos of you, we will not share your full name alongside the photograph.

You can find New Writing North’s full privacy policy here This policy includes information about the adults we work with and the staff we employ too.


Please contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your data or if you wish to be removed from any communications or data processing activities. Address enquiries to: Claire Malcolm, Chief Executive (and Data Controller)

EMAIL: [email protected]

WRITE: New Writing North, 3 Ellison Place, Ellison Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 8ST.