Counter Culture: A Film from Louise Powell

From the bloke who polishes shoes and talks of war heroes, to the lass who fills a rubble-strewn field with memories of the community who gathered there, Counter Culture tells the tales of working-class life which you’re unlikely to find in bookshops or theatres. Featuring pieces written by eight working-class writers first published in Kit de Waal’s acclaimed Common People anthology, and translated to film by co-directors Louise Powell and Topher McGrillis, Counter Culture is a celebration of working-class people, places and voices. Filmed among the East Durham coalfield communities, Counter Culture was funded by a National Lottery Project Grant.

Featuring Paul Allen, Astra Bloom, Jenny Knight, Katy Massey, Julie Noble, Louise Powell, Lynne Voyce and Shaun Wilson.

Performance consultancy from Tess Denman-Cleaver.

Please note this film contains strong language.