Half Way There – The Unsung

The Unsung is a brand new sci-fi/historic genre mash-up radio performance, written and directed by Vici Wreford-Sinnott with co-creators Mandy Colleran, Caroline Parker, Cheryl Martin and Jacqueline Phillips. We meet four ordinary extraordinary, eternal women thrown together from parallel worlds. Anonymously elected and plucked from their lives, they find themselves as the sole occupants of the mysterious Upper Table in the National Library and Archive, which isn’t nearly as pompous as it sounds when these women are finished with it. All disabled women over fifty, Josephine is a trickster, Joan is bursting to roar, Eva just wants to get on with it, and Zandra is the collector of one thousand new stories. From far flung places and times in history, the women realise they are The Unsung. Not only are they unsung, but they are disappearing – literally, piece by piece, and the longer it takes to sort out the thousand stories, the more things fade and vanish completely. A momentous challenge has been set and they are against the clock.