Ideas for Positive Change

Ideas for Positive Change is a new series of short talks, presented by Durham University academics. Inspired by the success of New Ideas for the New Normal in 2020, a range of world-class researchers return to Durham Book Festival to explore how we might build a more positive future.

From new approaches to nature conservation to women in leadership and the rhetoric of inclusivity; from how we equip people to better assess scientific claims and research to putting lived experience at the heart of health research, these eight talks will encourage exciting new conversations from a variety of academic disciplines.

These accessible, ten-minute long videos were released for free throughout the Durham Book Festival 2021, featuring content from The Insititute of Medical Humanities, Dr Naomi Booth (English Studies), Dr Mariann Hardey (Business and Computing), Dr Simon P James (Philosophy), Professor Ehmke Pohl (Biosciences), Professor Janet Stewart (Modern Languages and Cultures) and Dr Peter Vickers (Philosophy).

How to Read Self-help with Dr Mariann Hardey (Business and Computing)

Rethinking Nature Conservation with Dr Simon P James (Philosophy)

Viruses, Biotech and Extreme Environments with Professor Ehmke Pohl (Biosciences)

The Shape of Things with Professor Janet Stewart (Modern Languages and Cultures)

Identifying Future-proof Science with Dr Peter Vickers (Philosophy)

Writing Fiction about the Climate Crisis with Dr Naomi Booth (English Studies)

Putting Lived Experience at the Heart of Health Research with The Insititute of Medical Humanities