Murder, Mystery and Mayhem: Durham City Guided Walk

It could be said that Durham City exists because of crime. Pillaging by raiding Vikings led to the city’s formation as we know it today. Take a walk around Durham and hear how crimes gone by have been recorded through the written word. Discover how the city and its hinterland have provided a backdrop and been incorporated into crime fiction and writing.

The walk lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Please dress appropriately for the weather, ensuring sturdy footwear. The walk includes hills and the city’s woodland and riverbanks.

Listen to the walk as a podcast below, read a transcript of the walk here, and follow the route on google earth by clicking here.

Created by Ruth Robson and including material researched as part of Writing Durham, a partnership between Durham Book Festival and Durham University.

Ruth Robson grew up in Sunderland, part of the historic County of Durham, leaving to go to university. Following a career in broadcasting in North East England, London and New York, she has since worked in the cultural and heritage sectors in the United States and back in her native North East England.