Read Regional: The Value of a Good Library

This is my second year on the Read Regional campaign, a feat which I don’t think has happened before! I enjoyed my time talking about Streets of Darkness in 2017 so much that I was thrilled to be asked back and it has been another memorable set of library events.

Libraries were a key part of my writing journey, having visited Bradford Central Library every week as a child, so to be able to return as an author is somewhat uplifting. Last year I had a hectic schedule of 15 events and this year I’ve taken part in 10, from South Shields to Calderdale. The librarians deserve much credit for organising (and marshalling!) the troops, getting bums on seats and providing refreshments. Audiences have ranged from a dozen people to as many as 50, and I’ve enjoyed taking them into the world of Harry Virdee. Most of the events had reading groups which had read the books and were eager to ask questions which is ideal. Being able to debate the books has been my favourite part of the tour.

Calderdale was a particular highlight with David Duffy managing to secure a large crowd, many of whom I had seen the year before. The event was held in the new library – and what a library it is! I must confess to noting the building’s amazing interior as a possible location to be featured in future Harry Virdee novels.

I entered the event room to see an enormous plasma TV showcasing my website which was a nice touch, especially as it was the first event my father came along to. He enjoyed the event and the audience interaction but said it was second to the library building which really must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Enormous credit must be given to all the librarians who have worked hard to make this year another success.

Three years in a row?


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