The North Recommends: The Bound

The Bound is a new independent bookshop in Whitley Bay, opened earlier this year by Helen Stanton from Forum Books. Read on for some great book recommendations from staff members James, Emma and Craig.


The Ormering Tide – Kathryn Williams

Published earlier this year, The Ormering Tide is local singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams’ debut novel and has been a standout bestseller for us ever since. A shimmering coming of age tale set across a timeless island bay, we follow Rozel and family as the echoes of a violent past emerge through a haze of atmospheric prose and cracking character. As captivating and lyrical as her song writing, if Kathryn’s debut is anything to go by we cannot wait to see what comes next!


Heartstopper Volume 4 – Alice Oseman

This sweet, romantic graphic novel series has taken Whitley Bay by storm! Charlie and Nick – two boys who slowly fall for each other over the course of the series – have a simple, beautiful love story that really blossoms as the boys share small, intimate moments – both bad and good. Their surrounding cast are all beautifully fleshed out, too – even down to Nellie, Nick’s adorable Border Collie! Alice Oseman writes novels as well – Solitaire actually was the first appearance of Charlie and Nick – but Heartstopper really is something special.


The Foghorn’s Lament – Jennifer Lucy Allan

In this, Jennifer Lucy Allan turns her music critic insight to the bizarre and barren world of the Foghorn. Lamenting the machines, people and places that have a love for these beastly bellows, Lucy Allan takes us on a trip that at first seems incredibly niche but becomes incredibly nuanced. We follow her on her travels as she indulges her obsession, aiming to glean an insight into just how these contraptions came to be and where their future lies. It’s equal parts a nature, memoir and music book and just makes me want to be enveloped by a thick, melancholic boom while breathing in the salty sea air.


You Are A Champion – Marcus Rashford

It’s been quite the month for footballer-come-youth ambassador and now kids author Marcus Rashford – from the publication of his new book You Are A Champion, to an incredible virtual chat with Barack Obama; talking child food poverty, community and the positive impact of reading. In You Are A Champion, Marcus shows us – whether you’re young, old, big or small – that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Brimming with personal stories, tips and inspiration, this is the perfect book for all ages. We stand with Marcus, do you?


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