The North Recommends: The Children’s Bookshop

The Children’s Bookshop began life 40+ years ago.  We are based in the village of Lindley on the outskirts of Huddersfield near the M62. We have a wide range of fiction and factual books for all ages.

We believe that reading is the best thing people can do.  It takes us to new places; it introduces us to new ideas and concepts; it shows us other points of view and teaches us empathy; it can make us laugh and cry and get cross; it can encourage us to try something new; we can find someone like us in a book.  We are never alone with a book.

At the Children’s Bookshop we want to introduce children to books they will love. We believe that in order for children to read for pleasure they need access to fabulous books of all genres with characters they can identify with.  They need parents, teachers, librarians and booksellers to guide them and encourage them.  This is the service we provide to parents, teachers but most especially children – expert knowledge of and enthusiasm for children’s books. We particularly love encouraging and supporting local authors and holding events in the shop and at schools.

Here are four reviews of our favourites from local authors.

Dragon Daughter by Liz Flanagan (David Fickling)

This is an exciting fantasy novel with plenty of action and, with underlying themes of acceptance and belonging, is a story of our time.

The island of Arcosi was once a thriving place where dragons roamed freely and people lived together peacefully.  But all that has changed, now dragons are the stuff of legend and there are tensions on the island.  One day servant girl Milla witnesses a murder and is left with a precious gift of four dragon eggs which she must protect at all costs,  How are these eggs linked to her past and is she brave enough to defend the eggs and restore Arcosi to its’ former glory?

Age 9 +

Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer (Barrington Stoke)

Lily is a fell runner and a worrier.  On a visit to her gran’s house she discovers that she shares her love of running with her great-great-grandfather, Ernest.  Gran gives Lily his running logs, but she discovers that they are much more than just a running log, there are pages and pages of diary entries, written by Ernest to his brother Fred as he goes off to serve his country in the Great War.  Can these stories help Lily overcome her worries?

This is a story that brings the reality of war to life in an accessible form. The publisher specialises in producing readable books with clear fonts and spacing with a higher interest level for those who struggle with text heavy books.

(Tom also writes books set in the world of football which are hugely popular with boys in particular)

Age 8+

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest by Harry Heape (Faber & Faber)

Pippin can talk to animals and she needs this skill when the water disappears from the forest and then animals start vanishing too. Together with her animal friends and with a bit of help from her one-eyed Gran, she finds out what is happening and sets out to put things right.  This is a madcap comedy mystery with magic, adventure and baddies thrown in.  There are some fantastic characters (Mungo, Oddplop and Gareth the cat to name a few) and I promise it will make you laugh out loud.  With Dahl-esque language (and the odd rude word – like “fart”) and the wit of Mr Gum, this is a story that all the family will love and with a second book already out (Shiny Pippin and the Monkey Burglers) and more in the pipeline, the laughs are sure to continue.

Age 7+

Baby’s First Bank Heist by Jim Whalley & Stephen Collins (Bloomsbury)

Baby Frank wants a pet and he’ll go to any lengths to get one, including robbing a bank.  He acquires various animals until finally he is caught out. This rhyming story is full of fun and the pictures add to the hilarity.  You’ll have a great time discussing what pet you would choose (personally I’d probably go for a panda!).  And for those who worry about the moral message – don’t!

Age 3+