Young Writers Recommend


The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – It’s not easy being the sole heiress to a billionaire’s almost entire fortune when you didn’t even know the man. The novel follows Avery Grambs, the late Tobias Hawthorne’s heiress, through her year at his mansion, learning why he chose to leave his wealth and property to her rather than his daughters or his five grandsons. Tobias Hawthorne absolutely loved puzzles, tricks and riddles; so was Avery’s inheritance just part of one big game? Or was it in fact his true Last Will and Testament? This is an incredible book that I absolutely loved, it had puzzles and riddles that kept me thinking even after the answer was revealed, it had wisps of a romance and it had a strongly empowered genius girl to lead them all.



The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern – It’s a perfect blend of my favourite genres. I love the fantasy elements, and the sense of a sort of dark academia aesthetic. The descriptions are wonderful, and not to mention it having LGBTQ representation. The plot is engaging, and there are so many twists that are unexpected.



Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli is so beautifully written – it’s a really personal narrative of a family, but set within the broader and devastating narrative of the border crisis, and it moves between autofiction and magical realism in such an interesting way. Would definitely recommend it!




Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie – I’m currently reading this and it’s fantastic so far. The book is very character focused and follows characters that can’t seem to get along with one another as they progress with their objective. There is a war going on during this and there’s one character that participates in it while another deals with political intrigue and treachery at court, so to speak. Overall it’s quite grim and dark, but there’s light humour that works really well and a sense of enjoyment as you read from the myriad of characters’ perspectives.



I recently finished The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller and adored it. If you like Greek mythology and romance, it’s really powerful. Have to admit, it did make my cry a couple times. Huge rollercoaster! Also, the main protagonists are LGBTQ+, so if you like some strong representation it’s a great pick.





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