Opportunity: join our new North East Novelists group

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We are looking for North East novelists to join a new professional development group in Newcastle.

The journey of developing your writing doesn’t end when you sign with your agent, get your first book deal, or even when you’re publishing your third, fourth or fifth novel. It can be challenging to find other writers at the same stage or teaching that is pitched at the right level. This group will offer continuing craft development and a supportive network for writers navigating life as a professional author.

Beginning in October 2023, the group will meet on two evenings a month in Newcastle upon Tyne. On the first Wednesday of every month, members can attend a structured craft session led by an experienced practitioner. On the third Wednesday of the month, members can attend an informal session in a late-night café, a space to discuss works-in-progress, share experiences and build ongoing relationships that might lead to the exchange of manuscripts for peer review.

Find out more on our North East Novelists page and apply to join the group by 3 July. 

North East Novelists is part of our Writing and Publishing Skills Hub, supported by North of Tyne Combined Authority