Polar Bear on Palace Green

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Philip Pullman’s event will mark the culmination of a pretty enormous Big Read project in which we are giving away 3,000 copies of his seminal novel Northern Lights through schools, libraries, community centres, the university and in the streets of Durham.

The His Dark Materials trilogy, of which Northern Lights is the first book, has won every major children’s book prize and is a best-seller among adults. With this thrilling book, we are inviting County Durham residents to join us on an extraordinary journey of the imagination.

To launch the Big Read and this journey, we are bringing the Frozen North to the streets of Durham with an incredible, lifelike polar bear on Palace Green. We will be distributing FREE copies of Northern Lights, as well as the Durham Book Festival programme, which launches on the same day.

The event is absolutely free, so bring your kids and come along and see us on Palace Green to pick up your free copy of the book and Durham Book Festival programme and to meet Iorek Byrnison, the amazing polar bear.

There will be live performances at 10am, 12pm and 1.30pm on Wednesday 12 August on Palace Green.