EVENT REVIEW: Songwriter in Residence: Kathryn Williams and Friends

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Saturday 15th October 
Gala Theatre
Review by Melis Anik 

As I walk into the Gala Theatre, a series of round tables and excited faces greet me. I take my seat and my attention turns to the platform where the performance will take place. A series of spotlights illuminate the stage at the far end of the room, shining down upon a collection of microphones and empty seats.

The event begins much like any other, with the introduction of the speakers, or in this case, performers. From singer songwriters to poets, novelists to musicians, it soon becomes clear that the evening will be an excellent showcase of talent. After revealing the process in which a three-day retreat resulted in the creation of fifteen songs, the music starts to play and my eyes become transfixed on the stage.

Before every song is performed, a brief explanation of its creative process is revealed. This not only made me a more enthusiastic audience member, but it also served as an interesting insight into the creation of such an event. From music and spoken word performances, to singing and speaking in unison, everything keeps my attention firmly rooted on the stage.

Overall, the collaboration of such creative talents made for a rather entertaining event. From the upbeat songs, to the slow songs which made me tear up a little, the event as a whole was a joy to attend. It was hard to believe that a group of strangers had managed to create such a wonderful selection of songs, which was a testament to all of their talent and hard work. Kathryn Williams definitely deserved the flowers she received at the end, after the singing had stopped and the Q&A had come to a close. As the final applause rang out, one thing was clear: the collaborative effort of all the artists involved was deserving of celebration.