REVIEW: Llama Glamarama

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15th October 2020

Review by Lily Tibbitts

“Do you like dancing? Do you like parties?” asks Simon James Green, the author of the brand new picture book Llama Glamarama. If the answer is yes, then you’re going to love this book.
Llama Glamarama is a lovable children’s book about Larry the llama who pretends to be just like all the other llamas on the farm, but he has a secret. At night, when everyone else is asleep, he loves to dance! He’d love to tell the other llamas about it, but he’s sure they would disapprove. Can he find the courage to tell them who he really is?

Simon James Green has done an exclusive reading of this book for Durham Book Festival so everyone can experience the flamboyant and fun story and see the colourful illustrations of the celebration and Larry himself. The combination of the hilarious storyline and the vibrant art (not to mention the star appearance of Llama Del Ray) create a book that’s sure to make anyone laugh – kids and adults alike.

Llama Glamarama spreads a positive message of acceptance and pride. “Being different was lonely, being different felt… bad” thinks Larry as he runs away from the questioning of his fellow llamas but, by the end of the book, Larry has learned that everyone is a bit different, and that’s a good thing. Everyone should be accepted, no matter their differences.

There’s also a chance to see the illustrator, Garry Parsons, drawing the fabulous hero of the story in one of his signature dancing poses. Kids can draw along with him, maybe giving Larry different clothes or hair, or maybe designing their very own llama! Garry shows how easy it is to do.

This book has everything that you could want: a lovable character, an inspirational message of pride and acceptance and pages full of colourful illustrations, not to mention plenty of jokes. Llama Glamarama is a unique and quirky picture book and it’s guaranteed to make you want to laugh and dance along with Larry the llama.

Watch the event here until November 1st.

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