Take part in our Manifestos project with Juice Festival and Northern Stage

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We are told that young people are disengaged from politics, but we think that’s wrong. What about #millifandom, young feminists demanding No More Page 3 or kids using blogs to shame local authorities into improving school dinners? Maybe it is just mainstream politics that can’t articulate young people’s concerns?

Cuckoo Young Writers, Northern Stage and Juice Festival are teaming up to run a project which asks young people to create their own manifestos about the things they care about, be that gender identity, the environment, issues in their local community, or simply their vision for a better world. It’s a chance to work with poets, theatre directors and artists, and interrogate academics for Northumbria University journalists and politicians. It’s a chance to find out why things are how they are, and what they’d do to change them. The finished manifestos – which may be a performance, spoken word, a film or a piece of art – will be presented as part of a live event during Juice Festival in October.

We are looking for 10 young people, aged 15-23, to take part in 10 workshops from August-October. The dates of the sessions are below:

Wednesday 19 August , 2pm-5pm, at Northern Stage with Sarah Cohen and Siobhan Daly (Politics academics from University of Northumbria) and Paul Summers

Tuesday 25 August, 10am-1pm, at Northern Stage with Chi Onwurah MP and Paul Summers (Chi will be coming at 11am and staying for an hour)

Wednesday 26 August, 2pm-5pm, at Northern Stage with Alex Niven (New Left Review) and Paul Summers

Saturday 12 September, 2pm-5pm, Room 4 City Library with Paul Summers

Saturday 17 October, 1pm-5pm, Room 4 City Library with Paul Summers and performance director

Saturday 24 October, 10am-5pm, at Northern Stage with Paul Summers and performance director

Tuesday 27 October, 5.30pm-8pm, Room 4 City Library with Paul Summers and performance director

Friday 30 October: PERFORMANCE EVENING at Stage 3 Northern Stage

If you would like more information or to sign up please email Laura Brewis at [email protected].