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Stephen Tuffin

Stephen was born in 1958 on a council estate on the south-east coast of England. A former butcher’s boy, cook, cab driver, door-to-door salesman, care home assistant, road worker and builder, he now teaches creative writing. Aged 40, his world was flipped arse-upwards when he was diagnosed with an arthritic condition that meant he could no longer earn his keep as a carpenter. By the time he was 50 he had two degrees and a part-time job teaching. He is a working-class writer writing working-class stories inspired by the remarkable and raw world he has lived and worked in for most of his life. He loves his family, his mates, his cats Claude and Noah, the blues, beer, books, writing and the occasional roll-up. He lives in Swindon.

Read Stephen’s article for the New Statesman here.

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